Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

You might be wondering why you would need Pinterest for your business and how a Pinterest manager might be beneficial. Here are 5 ways your business can benefit from:

  1. Pinterest can drive tons of traffic to your website. Almost 80% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest!
  2. Pinterest is a huge platform with more than 300+ million pinners. Pinterest can help you reach a very broad and diverse audience (for free).
  3. Investing time and maybe money in Pinterest is a long term investment. Pins exist forever. Once you pin something, it’s on Pinterest forever, so if you pin high-quality pins and you have an optimized website you can see results from pins for years.
  4. You can see which topics are trending on Pinterest and adjust your marketing in order to reach a bigger audience.
  5. Pinterest can influence your target audience to purchase. A lot of pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy, they turn to Pinterest for advice or ideas when they need to purchase something.

Why hire me as a Pinterest Manager?

As a Pinterest manager can help you increase your followers and monthly viewers and turn your viewers into clicks. I can do all of this for you while you can focus on other important tasks of your business, while I handle your Pinterest account for you and help you increase traffic to your website.

How do I do this? By:

  • Setting up a business account.
  • Creating click-worthy pins.
  • Optimizing your profile for SEO.
  • Joining and monitoring niche-specific group boards.
  • Reading and analyzing your Pinterest analytics.
  • Giving monthly reports.

What are people saying?

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