Have you ever wondered: what is my life purpose? Well, it might not be a surprise that many people, including me, have asked that question. While not everyone thinks and feels that each of us was placed on this earth with a particular purpose, I believe that everyone was created with one.

Answering the question of what the concept of ‘life purpose’ is might not always be as easy as it seems. There isn’t just one plane answer, but to put it as simple as possible, I would say that one’s life purpose is the reason you are created and are excising in this world. In other words, you might say it is the thing you are contributing to the world that can help make this world a better place.

That being said, it speaks for itself that every person has a unique life purpose and will also have a unique way of fulfilling that purpose.

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Importance of Finding Your Purpose

Finding your life purpose actually has many benefits. First, studies have shown that people with a sense of purpose may live longer. People that live a life focused on their life purpose have better health outcomes, both mentally and physically. Finally, you can live a more meaningful and driven life when you find your life purpose.

How to Find Your Life Purpose

While many things play a role in finding and living your life purpose, one of the most important ones is self-discovery.

Discovering more about yourself is crucial to finding your purpose because it is hard to live a purposeful and meaningful life when you don’t know who you are.

When you know who you are and understand what makes you who you are, you can better understand what you were born to do.

When you get to know what your personality is like, you can better understand why you act and react the way that you do. You can discover your values and your likes and dislikes.

When you know your talents and skills, you can find out what you are good at, what comes easy to you, and learn about what you are passionate about, what gets you excited.

While those are more internal aspects of who you are, you can also get to know external aspects about yourself that can help you discover your purpose. Such as life experiences that have been leading you towards your purpose. Or childhood influences that you need to change to fulfill your purpose.

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You can find your purpose when you get to know more about yourself. Because deep down, you know what your purpose is. You were born with it. It’s just that sometimes it has been buried over the years, making you doubt it or feel less confident about it.

But when you know who you are, your passions, and what makes you unique, you can find your purpose within all of that.

Knowing your purpose is crucial because it can help you be yourself and follow your path in life with more confidence. When you know your purpose, you have identified your inner drive to do what you do. You have discovered why you wake up every morning and what your contribution should be to this world.

Your purpose lies within you, so you are the only one that can find your true purpose. For some people, it has been clear as day from day one what their purpose is, and they have lived in it ever since. But that’s not the case for everyone. For some of us, it might take some time, and that is okay, but without doing the work and figuring out who you are, it might be challenging to find out your purpose.

While self-discovery is important, it does not happen overnight. Self-discovery is a process that takes time because it goes deep and requires honesty and willingness to learn and admit to even the sides from us we don’t always like.

But it is worth the time, energy, and patience. Trust me. Because knowing your purpose will change your life. It is one of the most important steps to living a life you love and feeling fulfilled.

Wrap Up

Finding your purpose is crucial if you want to live intentionally and live a fulfilling life. We were created for a reason, born with a purpose. A contribution to make this world a better place. There is no purpose too small to fulfill because they all matter and are all important.

To find your purpose, you need to know who you are and dig deep to discover your purpose within yourself. You can go ahead and read this blog post with 53 questions to help you get to know yourself better, or you can get this self-discovery journal with 100 questions to find out more about yourself.

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