If you are new on Pinterest or Instagram, you must have heard about Tailwind and be wondering what it is. In this blog post, I will talk about what tailwind is, what I think of it, and how to use it. After reading this post you will ready to get the most out if tailwind.

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What is tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduling tool you can use for Pinterest and Instagram. In this post, I will talk about using it for Pinterest, because that is what I have been using it for so far.

You can use Tailwind to schedule out all your pins for over a week, a month, or even longer, within a couple of hours.

What do I think of tailwind?

I have been using Tailwind for about four months now, and I have been loving it since the beginning. I am a blogger, and I have a 9-5 job. To be successful on Pinterest you must be pinning regularly, and you can not pin the same pin to one board more than once. But also, you can not pin too much at one time.

It is hard for me to keep track off of all this, by manually pinning if I work a big part of the day. So, I plan out all my pins for a whole week in just a couple of hours. This helps me to free up time to focus on other aspects of my blog and business.

Another thing I love about Tailwind is the fact that it pins at the most relevant time for you. Tailwind analyzes at which time your audience is active the most, and it suggests which time it is the best to pin to reach more people. Since the majority of my audience is in another time zone, I would not always be able to pin at the most relevant times to reach more people, but tailwind can do that for me.

Thanks to the interval option, I also do not have to worry about pinning one pin too often and getting flagged by Pinterest as spam because of it.

Now let’s talk about the best features of Tailwind and how to use them to get the most out of the tool.

The payment

Tailwind is not a completely free tool, but you can use the free plan! If you use this link here, you can try it out. I find this very useful because you can find out if you can personally benefit from this tool before purchasing it.

You can pay monthly, or get the annual plan. They have 3 paid plans, each with different features.

The different packages of tailwind

If you are still unsure about making an investment of $100+ for this tool, you can try getting the monthly plan first, and when you are sure, you can change your monthly plan to the yearly plan. The difference in payment will be settled. That is what I did.

Scheduling pins

When you are scheduling pins there are a couple of things you can use to have the best pinning strategy.

To create a pin in tailwind you just need to click ‘create new pin’, choose your picture, and then your pin will go into your drafts.

a screenshot of tailwind drafts with an arrow towards a bar that says create new pin schedule in tailwind


To schedule a pin that is in your drafts, make sure that you fill in all the necessary fields. The title, descriptions, link (if you schedule from Pinterest, it will already have a link), the board(s) you want it to go to, and if it is planned to go out to more than one board make sure you set your interval (I’ll explain this soon) right. And of course, add it to your tribes (which I’ll also explain soon)

screenshot of a pin in the drafts in taiwind with arrows pointing to the parts that say type a board name, enter a pin title, enter a description and the place you should place your link

Extension button

The extension button is a great way to get pins from your Pinterest to tailwind fast. You install the extension button by clicking the chrome extension button in your scheduler. A window will open, and then you need to click the Add Extension button in Chrome.

You use the extension button by hovering over the pin you want to schedule. Click on the tailwind extension button on the pin, and it will bring the pin over to your drafts in tailwind or you can schedule it right away through the extra screen it appears on.

screenshot of pins in pinterest with an arrow pointing to the tailwind extension button on one of the pins

Another way is to click the extension button itself. Your Pinterest will look different after that. When all the pins are loaded, you can click on the pins you want to get to your drafts and move multiple pins at once to your drafts by clicking on ‘go schedule’ in your left corner below.

screenshot of  pins in pinterest after you press the tailwind extension button on the top of the screen. An arrow points to the tailwind extension button and another arrow points to the text on the butoon that says go schedule

Your schedule

It is advised to pin between at least 10-20 pins a day. You can plan out your average amount of pins that go out a day in your schedule. You can also edit this by adding more slots or removing them and personalize your schedule the way you want.

This is where you decide the average amount of pins you want in your schedule per day.

Screenshot of Tailwind schedule. In the left bar there is a circle around the option  'your schedule'. Then there is a circle around the part that says recreate schedule. In the second image you see what appears after you press recreate schedule. The arrow points at the place you can choose how many times you want to pin per day and another arrow points to teh button recreate schedule.

Remove a slot by clicking on a current slot and then delete it. Add a slot by clicking on the options and add them.

screenshot of what a schedule looks like in tailwind. an arrow points at a empty slot and another points to where you can dlete a slot

Interval pinning

This feature will help you to spread out your pins so that you do not re-pin one pin too fast. Try to wait at least one day before you re-pin the same pin. If you do not do this, your account can be marked as spam, and it can be suspended.

By using this feature, the pins you plan out with the interval will be locked in your schedule to make sure that even if you plan out other pins, these pins do not move around and stay the right amount of time spaced out.

After you have chosen your interval, set the first date it should be pinned, and chose your interval type, you can click set interval.

how you create an interval for pinning. in the first image the button use interval has a circle around it. in the second image there is an arrow pointing to where you fill in the time of the first pin, a second arrow points to how many days you want as the interval a third arrow points to the options you can choose when filling the slots for this interval. There is a circle around the set interva; button.

Board list

This is another thing I love to use when scheduling my pins. Board lists can help you to cluster all your similar niche boards and keep them together. If you do this, you can plan out to let your pin go out to all the relevant boards with one click, you can save up so much time by doing this, instead of choosing every board one by one.

The other great thing about board lists is that you can plan out better not to post your pin more than once to the same board. By planning out to board lists, you can plan out each time to another list and make sure that you do not pin it to the same board.

How to create a board list:

Click on the add a list option, and then you will get an empty list. Select all the boards you want on this list. I give my board lists names of the niche and a number. I can then track to which list I have scheduled to, especially if I have more lists with the same niche.

boardlists in tailwind. on the left you can see where you pick the board list option, there is a circle around it. On the right you can see where you need to click for a new baord list, the arrow points to where it says click to add list. And another arrow points to the top of a board list where you need to select the boards for that list. It says type a board name.

When you are planning out your pins, and you are about to choose the board or board list it should go to, your board lists will appear first.

If you have a new board on Pinterest, you can easily add it to a list. You can do so by clicking on the refresh button here. If you do so, the new board will appear on your list with boards.

there is a circle around the button that says refresh board list. this is at the top of the board list where you need to choose the boards for this list.

Tailwind tribes (Now called communities)

Tailwind tribes are a bit like Pinterest group boards. They are a community of pinners that help each other out by re-pinning each other’s pins. Every tribe has its rules that you need to follow. There are tribes you can just join by clicking the join button, but for other boards, you need to send a request.

Most tribes have a 1:1 re-pin rule. That means that for every pin you place in the tribe, you must re-pin a tribe member pin.

Now how do you place a pin in a tribe?

You can place pins in tribes while they are still in your drafts. Click on the add to tribes button and then choose to which tribe you want to post it.

screenshot of a pin in your drafts with an arrow pointing at the place that says add to tribes.

If you forgot to place your pin in a tribe and wish to do so, you can put your pin back into the drafts and place it from there into the tribes.

The benefit of tribes is that you and your tribe members can help each other out to get your pins repined more often. I suggest that you try to join more niche-specific tribes instead of general tribes.

The Insights

The tailwind insights can help you to analyze how your Pinterest profile is performing. How your pins are doing, what you need to continue doing, or what you need to change. You can find out which pins and boards are performing better than others. You can also adjust the date to see the results from a longer or shorter period.

screenshot of the insights options of tailwind. Profile performance, Board insights, Pin inspector, Website insights, top pins, organic activity, and referral traffic.

Profile performance

This will give you information about how many followers you got, and when you gained followers. You can track how many pins you have been pinning and how many re-pins you got.

You can see your virality and engagement scores. Your virality score will tell you how much of your pins are being re-pinned. Your engagement score is a measurement of the engagement of your audience with your pins.

Board insights

In your board insights, you can see which boards are performing better than others. You can see which boards have a higher engagement or are going more viral than others. You can look at all your boards, your personal boards only, or your group boards only.

Pin inspector

In your pin inspector tab, you can see how each of your pins is doing individually, how many comments or re-pins they got. You can also re-pin your pins from there (which I do not do too often, I try to pin more fresh pins).

Website insights

The website insights give you information about the pins that people are re-pinning from your blog/website. You can also see the number of pins from your website and the number of pinners.

This is very useful because you can use it to see which pins and blogs/products are doing better.

You can adjust your pins/topics or continue pinning about the things your audience is the most interested in.

Note that this feature can only be used if you have a verified website on your Pinterest account.

Phew! That is a lot of information, but these are the most important things you need to know to use Tailwind successfully. Even if you are a beginner and you have no clue how to use it.

I highly recommend you start using Tailwind if you can invest in the tool and if you need to free up some time.

If you have enough time and you can not afford to invest in the tool, right away, you can continue manually pinning, which is not a problem. Just make sure you spread your pins throughout the day.

But as soon as you can, I do recommend you get the tool because it not only frees up your time, it is helpful to analyze how your profile is doing, which can help you to tweak your pinning strategy if needed or continue if it is going well.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you think this is too overwhelming and need some assistance with your Pinterest, click here.

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