Relaxing activities are something we should all make a habit of practicing. Life is full of ups and downs. It has happy, exciting, and joyful moments but also stressful and challenging moments. Stress and tension are a part of life, so we need to learn how to deal with them. We need to find ways to relax and calm our minds and body.

There are several relaxing activities that can help you calm down and release tension. Not all ways to relax work for everyone, because everybody is different. It’s important that you get to know yourself and find out which relaxing activities work best for you.

Practicing relaxing activities is an essential form of self-care. It’s a way of taking care of your physical and mental health. Building up stress can both take a toll on your body and mind. So even though it’s normal to experience stress, it should be a habit to practice self-care with some effective relaxing activities.

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Relaxing Activities to Calm Down Your Mind

1. Journaling

I’m a huge fan of journaling. Ever since I was a young girl, I would easily write down my frustrations or things I couldn’t say aloud. Journaling has a way of letting out steam in a safe place where there is no judgment.

I stopped journaling for a while, but I realized I forgot how relaxing it can be when I started again. The great thing is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. If you don’t have a physical journal, you can use a journaling app or just open up the notes on your phone and let it all out.

Writing down what stresses you can help you to calm down your mind and think clearly again.

2. Calming Music or Sounds

Music in any form can have so many impacts on your mood. Listening to calming music can help you relax and calm your mind. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be music. It could also be soundtracks of birds, water, or rain. A combination of music and nature sounds can also work wonders.

Some people enjoy more upbeat music to relax, and that can also work. Find out what type of music or sounds have a relaxing effect on your mind, and go with that.

3. Meditating

Meditating is easier than you think. When I used to think of mediation, I thought it was some complicated thing of listening to someone talk and constantly chant words. While some people meditate this way, you can also easily meditate by doing breathing exercises while listening to calming meditating sounds.

I love using the calm app for meditating. You can also hop on YouTube and look for soundtracks for meditating or find a guided video for meditation.

Meditation can help you be mindful and release built-up tension.

4. Coloring or Drawing

Coloring and drawing can bring out your creativity and take your mind off stressful things in life. It might sound like an activity for kids, but these are great relaxing activities for everyone at any age.

Sometimes expressing what you feel through a drawing or painting can help you clear your mind and feel more relaxed. There are many adult coloring books you can try out, or you can just pick up a blank page or notebook and start doodling your feelings.

This great relaxation journal has many coloring pages and pages for drawing.

5. Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises can affect your entire body by reducing stress, tension and help you to relax. You can do breathing exercises in combination with meditation. You can also just do a quick breathing exercise wherever you are and feeling tense.

Taking just a minute or two to focus on your breathing and making sure you bring your breathing patron back to normal, calm breaths can help you feel relaxed and less tense.

An easy breathing exercise you can use as a relaxing activity is:

  1. Place your hand on your stomach and follow your breath.
  2. Take a deep breath in, then calmly breathe out while constantly focusing on the movement of your stomach.
  3. Try to keep your upper chest still and let your diaphragm and abdomen do the work.

Try focusing on nothing else than your breathing for a couple of minutes and see how it helps you calm down, clear your mind, and feel more relaxed.

This exercise can also help you when you’re having trouble falling asleep.

6. Watching a Movie/TV show

Watching a good movie or tv show that makes you laugh or just feel good can really help you relax. Take a break from all the news and social media, all the negativity, and have a good laugh. Turn on your Tv or search for some funny shows on YouTube.

Some of my favorite tv shows to make me laugh and feel good are Friends and Brooklyn 99

7. Singing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a great singer or not. But, putting up your favorite playlist and singing along can really improve your mood and help you relax. So, if you’re stuck in traffic or just had a hard day, don’t be shy to turn up your music and do a fun sing-along in the car.

Or just put up some good music at home and sing along while doing your chores or are in the shower.

Relaxing Activities to Calm Down Your Body

8. Do Some Stretching

A lot of people their muscles tense up when they’re stressed. This can make your muscles sore and make your body feel painful and stiff. Stretching can help you relax your muscles and ease the pain and tension in them.

You can try starting your day with some relaxing stretches or do some exercises before going to bed. But you can also do some quick stretches while you’re at work and sitting behind the desk all day or lifting heavy stuff.

Try figuring out which muscles in your body get the most tension when you’re stressed, and try focusing on them when stretching to give your body a more calm and relaxed feeling.

9. Get a Massage

Sometimes, just stretching is not enough and getting a good massage is necessary. If you have the time and money, go to a professional to give you a good and well-deserved massage or ask someone at home. It can be so relaxing. I’ve almost fallen asleep many times after getting a massage.

If you don’t have anyone at home or the time or money to get a massage, you can always use a massaging device for the time being. It can also help ease tension in your muscles and help you feel relaxed and calm.

10. Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Don’t underestimate the good relaxing feeling of a good warm bath after a long and hard day. This is one of the simple relaxing activities you can try out.

The feeling of the warm water on your skin helps you feel calm and less tense and can help you relax instantly.

11. Drink Some Relaxing Tea

Not everyone is a lover of tea, but drinking certain teas can really help you relax. Try drinking a cup of herbal tea to relax your body and mind after or during a stressful day.

Everybody works differently, so not all herbal teas will have the same effect on everyone. It’s essential that you find out which one works best for you. There are a lot of different kinds of tea you can choose from.

Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap. 11 simple yet effective relaxing activities to help you calm down after or during a stressful day. Find out what works for you and make sure you make it a habit to take care of yourself and regularly practice relaxing activities.

If you have any other great relaxing activities you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments. I’d love to read about them.

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