In 2020 I was able to publish my first book. A fiction thriller called Unfortunate Resemblance. I have learned a lot while writing this book. I would love to share those lessons hoping that anyone who is thinking of or already is writing a book might learn something from my experience.

I have really enjoyed everything about writing my first book. Creating the story, thinking about ways to make it as exciting as possible, and keeping up with my deadlines.

Along the way, I developed my writing skills and learned a couple of lessons. Things that I can use while writing my next book and things I’d like to share. I’d love to share 5 lessons I learned while writing my first book.

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What have I learned in the writing process?

1 Write with the ending in mind

While writing a story, I find that it is easier for me to form the story with the ending in mind. If I do that, I have something I can work towards, and I can give it a form along the way.

If I don’t have an ending in mind, it feels like I’m writing without knowing where I’m going with the story.

You can always bring a little twist or change to your ending, but try to have at least an idea of what the end will be.

2 Set deadlines for yourself

One of the best things I realized was that setting deadlines for myself helped me to write consistently and finish my book within the planned time.

The first time I started writing, I did it on Wattpad, and I tried to have a new chapter up every week, which forced me to write every week and have a new chapter at the end of that week.

I don’t write on Wattpad anymore, but I still work with deadlines in my notebook.

I’ve mapped out the entire book, planned deadlines for each chapter, editing, etc.

Having deadlines while writing keeps you on track and helps you to stay motivated. Working towards a goal can be motivating, and it’s satisfying knowing you reached yet another deadline.

3 Try to describe as much as possible

One of the writing skills that I find one of the most important is describing the characters and settings as much as possible in my book. I tried doing this because I love it when other writers have done it in books that I read.

I learned that this also keeps people interested in the story because it helps them to be able to imagine the setting you are trying to describe. It keeps them at the edge of their chairs because the story is more interesting when they are a part of it in their imagination.

4 Ask for feedback about your story

While writing my book, I had a few people I knew that were reading it on Wattpad.

They were kind enough to give me feedback on the story and also saw some typing mistakes that I could correct.

Feedback is essential because you can get to know how people look at your story and how they experience it.

It can help if you have 2 or 3 people willing to read your book for feedback.

5 There is no such thing as too much editing

While I was writing my book, I would edit while writing. The first people that read it also found some errors. When I decided to publish it, I asked an editor to edit my entire book, she again found many mistakes.

Before publishing it, I also ran it twice in Grammarly, and I also found some mistakes.

After I printed my final book, there were still some minor mistakes that I could correct before the rest was printed.

You see, there is no such thing as too much editing. Make sure that you let your book go through a couple of editing rounds before publishing it.

These are some of the essential lessons I learned while writing my first book. Writing takes time and patience. If you’re just starting out or thinking of starting, remember that practice makes perfect, and every best-selling author has once been a beginner.

I am proud of the first book I published. I’m looking forward to publishing many more, learning more and more writing skills every day by writing, reading, and researching.

I hope you were able to learn from my experience, and if you have any other lessons you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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