In this blog, I want to give you 14 journal prompts that can help you to improve your mental health.
But before I do so, I want to share with you what I like about journaling, how I journal, and why it might be beneficial for you as well.

Keeping a journal is in my opinion the easiest way to practice self-care and to take care of your mental health.

What I like about keeping a journal is that you can write anything in there and just be honest with yourself, without constantly trying to say the right thing.

Journaling can help me to take care of my mental health because it helps me to express my feelings.

By writing down what is going on inside my head, I can get closer to understanding what I’m feeling and why I’m feeling it.

When I write in my journal, I try to write everything that I think and feel. Even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment, writing what I think and feel can help me make sense of my feelings eventually.

I also use some journal prompts to help me with my mental health, personal development, gratitude, and self-confidence. This can be easier than you think.

Journaling can be done in several ways. You can use a simple notebook, a journaling app, or a journal that is specified to help you reach a certain goal.

You can also use the great calm app to track your feelings on a daily basis.

So, to help you to start journaling I will start this series of journal prompts that each can help you with a different aspect of your life. Feel free to use all of them or just the ones that you find helpful or necessary.

Without further ado here are 14 journal prompts to help with your mental health:

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  1. How am I feeling today?
  2. Am I feeling better or less good in comparison to yesterday?
  3. What has caused me to feel this way?
  4. Which events make me happy?
  5. What events make me sad?
  6. What activities can lift my mood?
  7. Are there things that can easily piss me off? If there are, why do they piss me off easily?
  8. What can I do to have more control over the way I handle things?
  9. Are there past events that still haunt me? If there are, what can I do about them?
  10. Do I forgive myself for the mistakes I made? If I don’t, why is that so? Why is it hard to forgive myself and what can I do to get better at this?
  11. Are there people I still need to forgive? Why haven’t I forgiven them yet and what can I do to help with this?
  12. Are the friends that I hang out with the right friends for me?
  13. Am I being a good friend to others?
  14. Do I care too much about people’s opinions of me and why? What can I do to change this?
And there we have it 14 journal prompts for your mental health. I hope they are helpful and can help you take care of your mental health.

I do want to advise you that if you realize that you have deep wounds or problems that you can’t seem to fix on your own, please do approach someone you can trust to talk to. You can also approach professional help to help you get better.

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And before you go, if you have any other helpful journal prompts feel free to let me know in the comments.

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