In this blog post, I want to talk to you about why I sometimes feel like I need to take a break, and maybe you should try doing so too.

Sometimes, it might all seem just a bit too much to handle. This week, for example, I felt like my body and my mind just needed a break. I had so much to do, so much planned out, but I just didn’t feel like doing it and I realized this was my body’s way of telling me to take a break and to take it slow.

So, I did that, I skipped a couple of things from my planned list and spent time on other things that I liked and things that I consider self-care.

When you’re not feeling up to doing somethings sometimes, it doesn’t automatically have to mean that you’re lazy or procrastinating. Sometimes it’s just that you’re tired or drained and you owe it to yourself to take a break and to recharge.

So, I encourage you to evaluate your feelings the next time you might feel like I did. Check if you always feel like this, if you’re usually someone who gets things done and is a hard worker, and then suddenly you don’t feel like doing anything but binge watch a movie, it might be a sign that you need some time off.

Taking a break can help you to think clearer afterward and be more productive. It can help you to stay healthy and just to be a happier person.

I want to share some of my favorite most simple ways of taking a break to practice self-care and recharge. You can also try these out or find out for yourself what works the best for you.

a cup of coffee and leaves on a white bed spread with a text overlay that says it's okay to take a break

1. Watch a good movie of tv-series

I like watching movies, but not all kinds of movies. I love Sci-Fi’s, action, and thrillers. This weekend I took the time to start re-watching The hunger games trilogy because I loved those movies and I’ve been wanting to re-watch them for a while now.

2. Read a good book

I have the same taste in books as in movies, so for me, it would be a good sci-fi or a thriller story that keeps me reading until late in the evening. Some of my favorite books are The Illuminea files series (all 3 books), Fatwa: Living With a Death Threat and I have life.

You can also take a look at the fiction thriller I wrote. It’s called Unfortunate Resemblance.

Important is that you read what you like, not something people suggested you’d read and you don’t even like. Don’t just read something because everybody is reading it, read what you like. If you like to read of course.

3. Taking care of my body

I like to just take out some hours to take care of my body. Using my favorite scrubs to give my body a good scrub. It makes my skin feel extra clean and soft and that is such a good feeling.

I also take time to wash and braid my hair, plugging my eyebrows, and maybe also shaving. Having my own mini spa day at home can really help me recharge and relax.

4. Spending time with loved ones

Spending quality time with my husband and/or other close relatives and friends can really help me relax and unwind. Having a good laugh, playing a game, watching a movie together, grabbing a bite together, and so on.

Maybe you can check who you can spend some good and relaxing time with, somebody who isn’t draining your energy.

5. Enjoy some of my favorite food

I’m not talking about emotional eating, but sometimes it just helps to get a bite of something I’ve been craving for a long time.

Constantly eating only healthy food can get a bit boring, so mixing it up and spoiling myself with some junk food from time to time can help. I just try not to make it a habit.

6. Take a break from social media/my phone

This can really help me to relax and just unwind for a little bit. Social media can sometimes be overwhelming, with so much news and everything that is going on.

I just try not to go on social media for a while and ignore certain news-related messages as well. But also, not replying to messages right away, from time to time. It’s not being rude, but it’s sometimes just necessary to take a break from my phone.

7. I take time to journal

Journaling can help me to get behind feelings I have that sometimes seem unexplainable, by writing whatever is on my mind I can vent my thoughts and think clearer. It also helps me to relax after a stressful period. Journaling can be great for your mental help and I advise you to try it when you need to take a break from ‘life’.


Wrap up

And that was it, 6 simple ways I like to take a break from all that is going on and all the things that need to get done, to relax and recharge.

If you have any other tips or favorite ways to take a break, feel free to let me know in the comments.

a cup of coffee, icecream, and leaves on a white bed spread with a text overlay that says it's okay to take a break.

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