Pinterest is an amazing platform to grow your audience and website traffic. But to do that, people need to click on your pins and get to your website or landing page. Today I’ll talk about how to create pins that can get clicks on Pinterest.

At the end of this blog, I also have a FREE checklist you can use when creating your pins to make them more clickable and grow your traffic through Pinterest. I also have five free customizable templates for Pinterest pins for you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase something through the links.

And if you are starting just now with creating pins, I suggest that you use canva.

Canva is a great tool you can use for free to create beautiful pins. You can also upgrade to use the pro version and get even more out of it. Here’s the link to canva, create your account for free, and get started right away.

If you’re new to Pinterest, you might be wondering what link clicks are on Pinterest and how you can see when someone has clicked on your pin. So, let’s look at that first.

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What are link clicks* on Pinterest?

A link click on Pinterest means someone has clicked on your pin, and that has opened the link you have linked to your pin.

This way the person arrives on your blog, website, or landing page. There is a difference between a link click and a repin.

A repin is when someone saves your pin on Pinterest, but that does not mean they have clicked on it.

Repins are also very important because the more repins you have, the more people see your pins, and the more people might click on your pin.

the stats of a pin on Pinterest. It shows 49.49k impressions, 271 saves and 289 link clicks. The word repin is placed with an arrow that points to the 271 saves.  The word link click is placed with an arrow that points to the  289 link clicks. the title of the pin is 53 good questions to get to know yourself better.

So now that we know what a link click is, it’s time to dive into how to get link clicks on Pinterest.

*The link clicks that this post is referring to is now called outbound clicks on Pinterest. Link clicks are now what used to be close-ups. But this post is all about outbound clicks.

How to increase clicks on Pinterest?

The first thing to do is to work on increasing the possibility that people will see your pin.

Have proper Pinterest SEO

For your pin to be clicked on, your pin must first be seen. The more people see your pin, the bigger the possibility the people might click on it.

To get your pin in front of as many people as possible, you need to make sure your Pinterest SEO is on point.

If you have a good Pinterest SEO strategy, the reach of your pins will be better. I have a whole blog on how to properly practice Pinterest SEO and a free checklist here.

Make your pin about an interesting topic

The topic of your Pin will determine if people will want to click on your pin. Interest is something that will differ from person to person of course.

You might write about something very interesting to you, but your audience is not that interested in it. So, you must know your audience and what they want to read.

You can find out about the interest of your audience in several ways. I will share the two ways I do that.

The first is by looking at which previous blogs of you are getting more views and in which period. Try to make more of such related topics.

Another way is by checking out There you can find out what people are searching for.

But another easy way is also adjusting your content to the season we’re in, if possible.

When you’ve worked on the visibility of your pin, your pin must be eye-catching!

Here are five free customizable templates for Pinterest pins. These can help you to make more fresh pins in less time.


Make sure your Pin is the right size

Pinterest Pins should be made with a 2:3 ratio. Some great ratios are 600:900 or 1000:1500. Make sure your Pins are not too long or too short because those might not do so well in Pinterest.

If you use canva, you can choose their standard format for Pinterest pins which is the 1000:1500 ratio.

The font on your Pins

Make sure you use fonts that are easy to read. Try to use two fonts (not too much, three is also doable). When you’re choosing your fonts, try to have one that is a bit bold and another one that is a bit more of a handwriting type.

The colors on your Pins

Your colors will also determine if your pin is easy to read but also if it’s eye-catching. If you have a white background, for example, don’t write with a soft pink tone. Make sure that your text is easy to read on your background color.

Branding of your Pins

Try branding your pins so that your audience can recognize your pins. If you have people that like reading your blogs, it helps if they can recognize your pin in their feed because they’d like to read more of your content.

You can brand your pins by using a standard color pallet, use standard fonts, and have your brand name or logo visible on your pins. Branding also gives your pins a more professional look.

By branding, I don’t mean that all your Pins should look the same, simply that they are recognizable as your Pins.

The use of numbers on your Pins

If the topic of your pin is about something that has numbers in it, try making the numbers visible. Place them in a big bold font on top or place a circle around them.

Having a number (a list or an amount of money you can make) visible on your pins, make them more clickable and interesting.

Highlight important words

Use a way of highlighting the most important part of your title on your pin. You can do this by using a different font for the word you want to stand out.

You can also highlight by placing a little line in a different color beneath that word or different background color behind that word.

The same goes for numbers try putting a circle behind your number to make it stand out more.

Make sure your Pin text is informative

Make the title on your pin informative. Let it be clear what type of content they will be getting when clicking the pin.

For example, if your pin is about crafts with kids, make sure that the word kids is visible and clear.

Just by reading the text on your pin, it must be clear what your content is about, so people get interested enough to click and read the rest.

Use relatable pictures in your Pins

If you are using the images for your pins, make sure you use an image that is related to your topic.

Don’t use an image of a bowl of food if you’re going to talk about cats. A bit extreme I know, but you get the picture.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and people are visual beings, so by seeing an image that is about something they want to learn more about, you already have their attention.

It will only cause frustration if they see that image and click on the pin only to find out that the content is about something different.

Place call to action

Try placing a call to action on your pins. It can move people more towards clicking it because they are tempted or curious. So, try placing things like read more in the blog, or try referring to a freebie you have in your blog post.

Use power words

Power words are words that evoke an emotion or response. Try placing at least one power word on your pin.

Some great power words are: now, simple, best, and secret.

Use an animated or static arrow on your Pin

If you have access to video pins, you might want to try to have a moving arrow pointing to your call to action or to a word you want to highlight in your title.

Pinterest loves video pins and they might get a bit more visibility.

But if you don’t have this feature yet you can also place a static arrow that points to your call to action or important word.

An arrow can attract attention to what it’s pointing at and get people to click easier out of curiosity.

And that’s a wrap. These are the 13 great tips to increase your clicks on Pinterest and get more traffic to your website.

Before you go, grab your FREE checklist for creating clickable pins right here so you can start to increase your clicks on Pinterest.


If you want to learn more about Pinterest you can also purchase this very helpful and affordable course called Pinterest Ninja.

Lastly, if all this Pinterest work seems too hard to understand or do, have a look at my Pinterest virtual assistant services.

If you have any questions about getting clicks on Pinterest or other tips you would like to share, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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