You’ve probably heard the saying, “he/she got out of bed with the wrong foot”. The way we start off our morning has a massive impact on how the rest of our day goes. That’s why morning routines, even the smallest ones are so important. Making positive morning affirmations a part of your daily morning routine is an easy yet effective way to start your day off with the right set of mind.

You can visit the video here to listen to these affirmations along with simple breathing exercise breaks.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements you repeatedly tell yourself. By saying, reading, or writing affirmations, you confirm the reality of a goal or situation.

The idea behind daily affirmations is to repeat them often to help your unconscious mind believe that the statements are real. Once you start believing these positive affirmations, you can unconsciously begin working towards them and finally make them a fact.

What Are the Benefits of Daily Affirmations?

Using morning affirmations or any other kind of affirmations regularly can have many benefits on your life. Some of these are:

– Affirmations can help improve your positive self-talk and the way you look at yourself.

– They can improve your mindset in different ways, which can help you approach life in another way. For example, positive affirmations can help you have a more positive attitude. The same goes for confidence affirmations, etc.

– Affirmations can help you be in a better mood and better state of mind. This again leads to how you can handle everyday events that may occur on your path.

– All in all, affirmations can improve your life on many levels, such as being more grateful, improving your self-love, help with self-growth. The type of affirmations you choose to use depends on the goal you want to achieve.

How to use Morning Affirmations?

There are various ways you can use morning affirmations.

– You can use a journal to write down affirmations each morning and keep those affirmations in mind throughout the day. You can also repeat them to yourself whenever you need to be reminded of the intentions you have set that morning with your affirmations.

– Another way is to start your day with a guided mediation with affirmations. These can help you be mindful and calm and start your day in a calm matter.

– Or you can place affirmations in various places of your house where you look every morning, so they can be a daily reminder of what you wish to focus on each day.

A woman waking up and stretching and text that says 21 Daily Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day off in a Great Way

Here are 21 Positive Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day off Right

1 Today I am calm.

2 Today is a beautiful day.

3 All things work out for the best.

4 I have a beautiful life filled with blessings.

5 I am in control of my reactions to what happens around me.

6 Today I focus on the good things around me.

7 I am grateful for my life.

8 I make a difference by showing up.

9 I choose to see the good in people.

10 I choose love above hate.

11 I am there for those around me.

12 I love myself unconditionally.

13 I take care of myself.

14 Today I am putting my wellbeing first.

15 Today I choose peace over chaos

16 I surround myself with people that have a positive effect on my life.

17 I do my best to be a good influence on people.

18 I choose forgiveness over grudges.

19 Today I am mindful of my choices.

20 I am kind to those around me.

21 I do not let others’ negative energy impact my life.

Wrap Up!

And that’s it. 21 Positive morning affirmations you can use to start your day off right. Our mornings can set the tone for the rest of our days, so it’s up to us how we choose to set the tone. Not everything that happens to us or around us is in our control, but we can control how we react to it and the effect we allow it to have on us.

Also, be aware that some days it might be more challenging than others to stay positive, to keep your peace of mind. But the important thing is to keep working on it and try to go back to the peace and calm you know you can experience.

Let me know in the comments what other great positive affirmations you use.

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One thought on “21 Daily Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day off in a Great Way”

  1. I like using affirmations from the bible specifically,
    1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made (nothing lacking)
    2.I have the mind of Christ (so I am not anxious or chaotic)
    3. I have the peace of God

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