With the ongoing tension and thrill that’s rising between the teams and their die-hard fans from the ongoing FIFA- World Cup Qatar-2022, making the environment hotter to the hottest, with every smashing goal and penalty rises the heart- throb of every football fan for their respective countries. This thrill and excitement for sports dates back to our childhood days, when we used to smash the plastic ball into our imaginary goal with our little soft legs or smash the plastic ball to the boundary with our improvised bat to have an imaginary feel of maybe Messi or M.S Dhoni respectively.

What is sports?

 A sport has different definitions according to one’s own point of view. For some, it may be time-waste; for some it might be a medium of recreation etc. But the most meaningful one I came across is the one that goes like, it is a voluntary and uncoerced activity carried out duly on one’s discretion merely for the seek of pleasure and as an exercise which helps us beat a gap from the never-ending loop of rat-race going on in the world. Playing games whether outdoor or indoor should be merely treated as a passion and should be enjoyed thoroughly such that our brain goes blank of all the deadlines/meetings/pending works and stress occurred throughout the day.


Why is there such a negative impression regarding sports?

From school level we have seen that more importance is given to academic work rather than sports. Frequently the P.T class was taken up by some other so called more important class, whose syllabus was to be completed before exams. Never have we seen the vice-versa where a subject matter class was taken up for P.T class. Sports till date are treated as an extra-curricular activity rather than a part of the curriculum. From childhood level, we are taught to treat sports merely as an evening game, that too when exams or assignments are not on the doorstep. We are not made aware that sports are as equal as any other activity required for a fit and healthy body and mind. Also, a child dreaming of taking up sportsmanship career is ridiculed and brutally brushed off his dreams, as according to society, there is no other career option besides doctor or an engineer.