With Mother’s Day approaching, we all know it’s that time again to put our minds to work to figure out what great mothers day gift we can give the amazing women in our lives.

Buying or making a great gift can be a challenge sometimes, especially if you want your gift to be thoughtful, unique, and beautiful.

While gifts like jewelry and clothing are great, a gift that can help a mother spend time on herself or a gift that can remind her of how amazing she is even better. In my opinion.

These gifts are all Mother’s Day gifts for mothers that love personal development and self-help. The best part is that these are very affordable, so you can find a great gift on this list even if you are a student or have a low budget.

I have listed 21 great mother’s gift ideas from which you can pick. Some of these mother’s day gifts are great for last-minute gifts but still amazing, so she’ll never know you bought it last minute. I got you *wink wink*.

Before you dive into the list, I want to give you some free tips for when you are looking out for great mother’s day gifts:

  1. Find out what her hobby is. Then, you can buy something that she can use for exploring her hobby.
  2. Find out what she wanted for a while if it is something you can afford, of course, or pitch in with other close family members.
  3. You can also buy something that can help her with her skin or hair care routine. Anything that can help her practice self-care is a great idea.
  4. Please don’t buy her something to clean the house or use in the kitchen, unless her hobby is cooking and she wants a new cookbook or cooking set. Or if her hobby is cleaning and she wanted a specific particular cleaning tool.
  5. Don’t buy something that you just like for yourself, assuming that she should like it too. For example, if you like taking pictures, but she hardly ever does, it doesn’t make sense to buy her a new camera.
Image of hands giving a gift and text that says The Best Affordable Personal Development and Self-help Mother's Day Gifts

21 Affordable Personal Development and Self-help Mother’s day Gifts

Printable Wall Art

Printable wall art is such a simple yet thoughtful gift you can use to make valuable Mother’s Day gifts. Just choose the size you want, print it (yourself or bring it to a shop) and frame it, or print it on a canvas. Whichever you know she would love more.

Women Empowering Printable Wall Art

This is a fantastic way of letting her know of all the wonderful things she is to you. It can also serve as an empowering reminder of all the things she can be. Women are amazing, and they deserve to know what.

Motivational Printable Wall Art

A great way to start the day is to be motivated by some simple yet powerful quotes that inspire you to take on the day. Another excellent use of motivational quotes is boosting your mood on a bad day. If you know that your mother or any mother in your life could benefit from inspirational quotes on a daily basis, this would be a great mother’s day gift.

Self-care Printable Wall Art

We all know how much our amazing mother does for others, sometimes they don’t realize they deserve a break. Two simple forms of self-care are saying no sometimes while not feeling guilty about it and smiling. These printable quotes are great reminders that our mothers deserve to say no sometimes and that they deserve to smile each and every day.

Journals & Worksheets

Blank lined Journals

If you are looking for mother’s day gifts for a woman that loves writing and journaling, these are some gorgeous blank-lined journals you can get for them. There are simple covers with flowers or other images without text and covers with motivational and inspirational quotes. There are also journals with a beautiful motivational bible verse on the cover.

Besides the images below, we have many more blank-lined journals. You can see them here.

Guided Journals

Another great gift for mothers that love journaling is guided journals. Some people prefer journals with journal prompts and a bit more guidance. These guided journals are great for improving your life in many different ways.

Printable Worksheet

Sometimes a mother can put so much time and energy into being a mother, which is fantastic. But, still, it can sometimes make her lose her identity. These printable self-discovery sheets are great for mothers who need some me-time to rediscover the wonderful woman they are outside of being a mom. You can print these and make a beautiful worksheet or journal.

Affirmation Cards

A great way to improve your life is by using daily positive affirmations and inspiring messages. These beautiful printable boho affirmations are great to help encourage and empower any mother on a daily basis. Simply print them, cut them out, and place them in a cute box or hold them together with a bow. This would also be great if you’re looking for unique mother’s day gifts.


Planning your daily tasks is a simple way of making life easier and more bearable. Mothers have so much to do and so little time to do it. But if they can plan their daily tasks, meals, exercise, etc., it can make life a bit easier, and they can accomplish more every day.

Wrap up

And that’s a wrap. 21 affordable mother’s day gifts that are great for personal development and self-help. I’m sure that you will find at least one fantastic gift for your beautiful mother and any other wonderful mother figure in your life.

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Happy mother’s day!

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