December is one of my favorite months of the year. There is so much I love about this month. I love the weather, the ambiance, the food, the music, the Christmas movies, and more. Christmas is one of my favorite celebrations as a Christian. I think it’s a beautiful time for giving and spending time with loved ones.

As someone who loves watching good movies, I can’t let December pass without watching some of my favorite Christmas movies. I have a few must-watch Christmas movies I just have to see every December. I’d say that that is my top 5 favorite Christmas movies.

Besides those movies, I also have some oldies that are always fun seeing again. Movies and animated films from my childhood that bring warm and happy memories.

If you also enjoy watching movies in your free time to relax or boost your mood, this list might be useful.

So here is the list of my favorite Christmas movies.

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My top 5 Christmas movies

1 Almost Christmas

This is an entertaining black Christmas movie. I love the story in the movie and the comedy. There is a great balance between humor and some drama. It’s also a fun movie to watch with the family. It might be that I love this movie so much because it’s about a big family and I’m also part of a big family.

2 This Christmas

This is another great black Christmas movie, a bit older than the one mentioned above. It has some great actors in it, a great story with some good humor. I also love the soundtrack from this movie, especially the version of O holy night in the end.

3 The best man Holiday

This movie is part 2 of The best man. I love that even though this movie came out long after part 1, the storyline still makes sense and is just a great story. It has a little plot twist, but I think the balance between the comedy and drama is also pretty great. The story is not about a family, but a group of friends with their families, which is great since friends can sometimes be just like family. Christmas is all about being around loved ones.

4 Just friends

This is a full-on comedy movie and will have you laughing from beginning to end. The story is funny and also a bit realistic. This movie truly is an oldie but goodie.

5 Four Christmases

Four Christmases is another fun comedy movie, but not your typical Christmas story with a big loving family. I love the fact that the story is a bit different than other Christmas family stories. It has a lot of comedy and a bit of drama.


Old Christmas movies that are still fun to watch

1 Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks is a fun movie to watch with the family. It’s a bit different story. I find it very clear in this movie that parents do everything they can to make Christmas the best for their kids, no matter their age.

2 Elf

I’m not a massive fan of Christmas movies with a lot of Santa Claus in them, but this one cracks me up. The character who plays the elf is fun, naïve and says the weirdest things. I love the comedy part of this movie a lot.

3 Eloise at Christmastime movie

This is one of my favorite childhood Christmas movies. I remember watching it with my youngest brother and really enjoying it. It’s a nice movie for your kids to watch but also to enjoy as an adult.

4 Polar express

Polar express is an animated movie, another one of my favorite childhood movies. It’s also about Santa clause, but I love the messages that are in this movie. Messages you can use in all-day life.

5 A Christmas story

A really old movie that was made long before I was born. I think I love this movie because it brings back memories of Christmas morning at home with my brothers in the living room. It’s such a fun movie to watch with the family.

6 Home alone 1 & 2

Of course, everybody knows home alone. Even if I don’t watch the whole movie (which I rarely do anymore), it just brings you in the Christmas vibe once you’ve seen the home alone movies. I like parts 1 &2 much better than the latter parts.

And that’s a wrap. These are some of my favorite must-watch Christmas movies. I hope this list can help you to choose some great Christmas movies to watch these days.

I hope you find the time to spend a lot of time with your friends and family and have a blessed Christmas.

If you have any other fun or beautiful Christmas movie you would suggest watching, feel free to let me know in the comments.

a girl watching a movie with text overlay that says 11 of the best christmas movies to watch this year.

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