Journaling is something you might have been hearing a lot about lately. And maybe you’re wondering; what’s the big fuss about this? Isn’t it just writing? How great can that be? What are all these benefits of journaling people are talking about?

Journaling is an effortless and free way you can improve your life in many ways. Journaling can have a significant impact on your life on so many levels. So yes, journaling is practically just writing. Still, the benefits of journaling are so much more than just being able to put down some words you can’t say out loud.

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How can journaling change your life?

1. Express Yourself Better

Journaling can be a practice to express your thoughts and feelings through speaking. It isn’t as easy for everyone to describe what’s going on in their minds. Journaling can help you declutter all of those thoughts you don’t know how to explain.

Writing it all down can help you make sense of what you’re feeling and thinking, which can help you express those feelings better. Frequently doing this can help you eventually to understand yourself and express yourself better.

2. Improves Communication Skills

Communication can be complex when you don’t know how to explain what you’re trying to say. When you’ve learned to express yourself better, it can also help you communicate better. If you understand your feelings and thoughts better, it becomes less challenging to make yourself clear to others.

3. Boost Your Mood

One of the great benefits of journaling is that it is a judge-free zone. You can write what you want and when you want. Often, we are afraid to tell people what we feel or think, and all these feelings pile up, causing us to feel down. That’s where journaling can help. When you write down those things weighing down on your chest, you can have a relieving feeling, which can help give your mood a boost.

I’m not saying that you don’t need to talk to others or shouldn’t, but journaling is a great way to unload what makes you feel down.

4. Achieving Goals

Frequently writing down your goals is also a form of journaling. When you write down your goals regularly, you keep reminding yourself of what you want to accomplish. This reminder can be a motivation to push you towards reaching your goals.

The more you write them, the more you think of them, and the more you will want to work on reaching those goals.

Try making it a habit to write down what you would like to accomplish. It can be daily or maybe some longer-term goals. Make sure to go back at the end of the day or after a while to see how far you’ve come, or perhaps if you would like to change those goals.

5. Mindfulness

Journaling can help you be present. Expressive writing can help you to center your thoughts and focus on what is happening around you at that moment. Focus on what you’re feeling at that time of the day.

Writing in a journal can help you be mindful of your actions or the effects of specific situations on you or others. By writing down how you feel or how your day went, you can clarify certain feelings.

6. Confidence Building

Another way of journaling is by writing down positive affirmations or confidence-building affirmations. The great thing about affirmations is that the more you write them and read them, the more you will believe in them. When you believe in them, you can unconsciously start working towards making them a fact.

Health Benefits of Journaling

7. Stress Management and Dealing with Anxiety

Journaling can have a calming effect on you. When you’re writing down what is bothering you, it can help you get rid of some tension and build up stress. It can help you get behind those feelings that cause you to feel stressed or anxious and work towards feeling better.

When you don’t know how to write what is stressing you out, you can also try to draw or color to expressing your feelings. Drawing and coloring are two very calming activities.

8. Helps in The Healing Process

Because of the benefits of journaling, it can also be used as part of the healing process. Expressing your feelings and talking about what you’ve been through can have a healing effect on your body and mind. Journaling is like talking to someone you trust, and we all know how you feel better after you’ve been able to speak to a friend.

The relief of writing what you’ve been through or are still going through can be relaxing, help you to feel better, and help you heal.

9. Improves Immune Function

Expressive writing such as journaling can have a positive effect on your physical health, as mentioned earlier. Journaling can improve your immune system and help you when recovering from a disease or physical injuries. Studies have shown that people who practice expressive writing may improve in both physical and psychological health.

Wrap Up

And there we have it, 9 great benefits of journaling. 9 reasons to prove that it is to try journaling. The great thing about journaling is that you can start whenever and wherever you want. You just pick up a pen and start writing down what is on your mind, or you can also do it digitally. Whatever works for you is fine.

For some people, having a cute notebook or journal can help motivate them to journal regularly. Others prefer a guided journal above a blank-lined journal or notebook. Find out what you like best.

No matter which way you prefer to journal, make sure that it works best for you. Write freely and honestly about what goes on in your mind. As I said, that is one of the best benefits of journaling, being able to just dump everything you’re feeling without the fear of being judged. Use that opportunity. Here are some free printable journal pages for you to start on your journaling journey.

If you are ready to purchase a journal, you can check out some of these affordable cute blank-lined, or guided journals.

I hope these tips were helpful and convincing enough to help you start journaling. You can also read this blog on what I love about journaling and tips to help you start journaling. If you have any thoughts, you would like to share on journaling. Feel free to leave them in the comments!

A smiling woman sitting and writing in a journal that is on her lap. There is a text overlay above that says 9 Powerful Benefits of Journaling You Should Know About

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