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Welcome to anastasiaswords!

Anastasiaswords is a platform created to help you develop yourself, love the awesome person you are, find your purpose so you can start living a life you love.

My name is Lucille van Ommeren-Kerman, and I am the blogger, creative mind, and life coach behind anastasiaswords. As a certified life purpose coach, my mission is to help you discover your authentic self, find your purpose, love yourself, more, and improve your life so you can live a fulfilling life that you love.

My Story

Three years ago I was working for a company where I was feeling unhappy. I had a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy while working as an associate editor. I knew I didn’t want to go back and do physical therapy as my job. I also knew I didn’t see myself as an editor for the rest of my life. I just didn’t know what I wanted in the place.
I felt down and as if I had reached my lowest point almost every day at and after work.

At some point, my husband advised me to get help, and that I did. This changed my life for the best! As recommended by my pastor and friend, I went on a self-discovery journey. I discovered my passions, talents, and purpose. I realized things about myself I forgot were a part of me and made me excited. I have been doing everything I can ever since to fulfill that purpose.

One big step in that direction is creating anastasiaswords. A place for people that want to get to know themselves better, learn to love the beautiful people they are, and live a life they love full of passion and purpose.

I believe that everyone is unique and that everyone has a purpose in life. When your life is aligned with that purpose, you can live a life that you enjoy and look forward to living each day you wake.

life purpose coach lucille sitting on a couch with a mug in her hands and a laptop on her lap