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Welcome to anastasiaswords!

Anastasiaswords is a platform created to help you develop yourself, love the awesome person you are, find your purpose so you can start living a life you love.

My name is Lucille van Ommeren-Kerman, and I am the blogger, creative mind, and life coach behind anastasiaswords. As a certified life purpose coach, my mission is to help you discover your authentic self, find your purpose, love yourself more, and improve your life in many ways to live a fulfilling life that you love.

Anastasiaswords provides tips and tools through blogs, products, and the life purpose course for people that want to get to know themselves better, improve their lives, learn to love the beautiful people they are, and live a life they love full of passion and purpose.

I believe that everyone is unique and that everyone has a purpose in life. When your life is aligned with that purpose, you can live a life that you enjoy and look forward to living each day you wake.