We all know those days where our mood just is not the best, right? Maybe because something happened or maybe we don’t even know why.

We all have those days and I think that it’s normal to have them. I believe that it keeps us in balance and without these so-called bad moods, moments or days, we can’t appreciate the good ones. 

On the other hand, it is important for us not to harbor these moods or feelings for too long. Everyone is allowed to feel bad, but you should not stay in that state.  

Getting rid of these moods is not always easy, so I want to help you with that. Here are some simple things to help you uplift your mood and enjoy your day.

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1. Listen to some great music

Listening to music has a great way of influencing our mood.

Have you ever listened to a song about heartbreak and almost felt as lonely about the person? That’s how powerful music is. 

The rhythm we hear when listening to music can affect our heartbeat and our brains. Our heartbeat sync’s with the rhythms we hear. So hearing an upbeat song can prepare us for something exciting.

When hearing joyful and upbeat music, it affects our brains in such a way that it releases chemicals such as serotonin which leads us to feel happier.

So I advise you to listen to uplifting music, music about fun, about love about anything that makes you happy. Put in your earpiece or put your device on the loudest, however you like it and blast your music away, you can even dance to it, trust me that helps even more.

2. Talk to a friend, about your feelings


Talking to someone you trust has a way of unloading the weight you’re feeling.

Sometimes, they don’t even need to give you advice, but just listen. Knowing you can trust someone enough to let them in on your feelings is such an amazing relieving feeling that can uplift your mood.

When talking to someone they might even relate to your situation and help you figure out a way to help you. 

Talking to someone may also help because they can help you to look at things differently than you did before. By broadening your view on the matter, you may find an easier way to a solution and that alone is a relief in itself.

3. Journal

Writing can sometimes help us to express feelings we can’t always speak off right away. It might be because you don’t want others to know yet, or that at that moment no one is around.

By writing, you can sometimes explain to yourself what you’re feeling and after that, you can deal with it in a better way. It’s also a way of unleashing the stress and tension that you’re feeling.

Get a journal or just a notebook and write your heart out. You don’t have to worry about making sense of what you’re writing, just write out what you feel and think.

By letting out what’s bothering you, you can get a step closer to getting rid of the bad mood.

You can freely right down whatever you’re feeling or you can use a journal that is specifically made to help you achieve certain goals or help you express certain feelings.

I have a free printable journal here for you. It has a beautiful cover and two pages you can print out as many times as you want!


4. Get out in nature

Hearing nature sounds can have a calming effect on you, by lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, and your muscle tension. It can uplift your mood when you are hearing some birds, the flowing of some water or just the sound of leaves being moved around by the wind.

These sounds can distract us from the bad mood that we are experiencing.

So if you’ve been inside all day, and you’re feeling down, or have a bad mood. Get up and go sit in your back yard or go for a walk in a park.

5. Practice something you love, a hobby, something creative


Doing something you enjoy or something creative can help you express feelings you can’t put into words. So you’re releasing stress which might be causing a bad mood by putting your creativity to work.

By focusing on that what you’re doing, by putting your mind to work on something creative, something you love, you are not focusing on the bad mood you’re experiencing. This is relaxing and can help to uplift your mood.

Getting out of the feelings that might bother you can have an uplifting effect on your mood.

6. Read a book or watch a movie

Both of these things can help you lift your mood by taking our minds off things at hand. We can use our imagination while reading a book to place us in the story. 

By watching a great movie we can relax and enjoy the story, by escaping the reality around this. 

Story’s can help us express certain emotions like laughing which can help us to relax.

The story in the book or the movie might also relate to our situation and can help us make sense of what we’re feeling, which can lead to a solution for our bad mood.

7. Exercise

Exercising has many benefits and one of them is helping you to uplift your mood. Exercising can help to release certain hormones in your brain that cause you to feel happy.

Also while exercising you can listen to music and just get your mind of things, by focusing on the exercises you’re doing.

The simplest forms of exercise can help you to uplift your mood, exercises such as walking, cycling or just a fun dance routine in your living room.

8. Play with pets


This is if you have pets or like animals of course. I don’t recommend you randomly walking up to people’s pets, because that might not have the effect you expect.

I really love dogs and just seeing a cute dog can instantly help me feel better. So if you are like me, go play with your pet or a friend’s/family’s pet. Or a pet that’s familiar with you.

You can even watch clips of animals that make you feel happy.

Stroking an animal (a tame one of course) can have a lowering effect in your blood pressure which again can lead to feeling calmer and help you feel happier.

So those were my tips. I hope they might help you the next time you experience a bad mood.

Let me know in the comments if you have other simple ways to uplift your mood.

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