What is ‘Life Purpose’?

I have been wondering what ‘life purpose’ is for quite a while. And not just what my life purpose is, but the concept of it. After searching for the answer for a bit, I realized that there isn’t just one answer because ‘life purpose’ can mean different things.

However, the simplest way to put it is “The reason you are created and are excising in this world.” The goal with which you were created and were placed on this earth. The thing you need to do with your life. And I must hurry to add that this does not have to be related to your career. While it is a great idea to fulfill your life purpose through your job, it is not the only way to do that.

Your life is composed of many parts; your career is one of them, so fulfilling your purpose can be done in all of them or just one of them. So it could also be that you find your purpose in your relationships with others, or you can find it in a more spiritual or religious manner. But, at the same time, it could be that you find and live your life purpose in all the parts of your life.

Why is it Important to Find your Life Purpose?

Not everyone thinks it is essential to have or find your purpose in life. Some people are comfortable and just fine with living life from day to day, without having a sense of purpose.

However, it has been shown in certain studies that having a sense of purpose can be beneficial to your life. For example, people with a sense of purpose tend to have better health outcomes, both mentally and physically. You may also live longer when you live with a purpose in mind.

You can also enjoy life more when you do the things you do with a higher purpose and meaning behind them. It can give you a reason to wake up every day filled with excitement and purpose to live a life you love.

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How to Find and Live Your Life Purpose?

1 Find Out Who You Are First

You are born with a purpose and created for a reason, so that purpose lies within you from day one. Meaning that there are many signs in your life that can indicate what that life purpose is. But to see those signs and clarify your purpose through those signs means that you first need to find out who you are.

You need to discover your authentic self and understand what makes you the person you are today. You need to understand your personality, find what interests you, find your gifts and passions.

Aside from these things, it is also important to become mindful of the people and things that have happened around you that have influenced the way you think or act today. Because sometimes, these people or experiences might help you find your purpose and help guide you towards it.

2 Remove Limiting Factors

Just like the fact that people and experiences in your life can help you find your life purpose, there can also be factors that hold you back from genuinely finding and living it. For example, because of certain ideals, you have been taught that go against what you know and feel what your purpose is.

You could have developed limiting belief systems and excuses that come up every time you try to discover and live your purpose. Or when you want to make the necessary steps towards living a purposeful life you love.

So you need to figure out which of these belief systems or influences you need or want to hold on to and which one you need to let go of.

3 Take Your Power Back

In many ways, in our lives, we give away too much power over our lives. When you give your power away, you make it very difficult to live your purpose. By giving people too much control over our lives, we give them power over our lives.

One of the ways may be that you blame situations or other people for the things you can’t do instead of looking at what you can do. You can’t control other people their actions. But you can control your decisions and how you handle situations around you.

Another way may be that you allow others to write and tell your life story. For example, you believe the lies they tell you about you and live your life solely based on what they want and expect. Instead of taking control of your life and decisions and telling your own life story. One filled with purpose and in alignment with your authentic self.

4 Change What Needs to be Changed

When you find your life purpose and decide to take back control over your life, it is also important to realize that you might need to make some changes in your life to live a purposeful life in alignment with your authentic self.

The amount of change and the things we need to change will differ for everyone. But to know what you need to change, self-discovery once again is essential. Without knowing and understanding yourself, it will be hard knowing in which areas of your life you need to change.

You might need to change several things. Internal changes such as your attitude, habits, or spiritual life, and external changes, such as the people you surround yourself with.

Change is not always easy. It might ask a lot from you, a lot of patience, willpower, and effort. But if you really want to change, create clear goals for yourself, and have a big enough reason to change, it is not impossible.

5 Don’t Give Up

When you find your authentic self and discover your life purpose, and even when you have decided what you want to change, it doesn’t mean that your life will change overnight.

You will definitely come up against certain obstacles, and you may struggle occasionally. Still, the important thing is that you do not give up on yourself. Instead, keep moving forward and find the things in your life that strengthen you and motivate you. For me, some of those are the vision of the life I want to live and my faith that God is with me through it all. It can be something else for you.

Living your purpose will not always be easy, but it will be worth it and fulfilling. So whenever you feel like giving up, think about all the beautiful things you are giving up on if doing so.

Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap. I hope these 5 steps and tips can help you discover your authentic self and find your purpose. When you have, the next important thing is to be that person and live that purpose with confidence. Keep in mind that you have something you need to give to this world in a way that only you can. You are unique, and you have a purpose. You deserve to live a beautiful purpose-driven life you love.

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