As studies have shown, finding your purpose and living a purposeful life have many benefits. Some of them are that you may live longer and have better health outcomes, both physically and mentally.

But you might be wondering how you could know if you have already found your purpose? How do you know you have been living a purposeful life or not?

Many signs can show that you have already found it and live a meaningful and purpose-driven life without even being aware of it.

But if you feel lost and feel like you have no idea why you are here, no idea who you are or what you are meant to do, it could be that you are not sure what your purpose is.

Maybe because you have never taken the time or made an effort to find it out. Or maybe because even though you have a sense of your purpose, you don’t take the necessary steps to actually live that purpose and be your authentic self.

Here are 5 signs that can help you realize if you already live a purposeful life or need to start looking for your purpose.

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1. You’re Excited to Get on With Your Day

When you live a purposeful life, you are excited about the things you do. You feel joy about your activities and about your steps in life towards your dreams and goals. When you live in alignment with your authentic self, you do things that are beneficial for you and others, and these things can bring joy in your life and that of others.

When you contribute your gift to make this world a better place in your own unique way, it gets you excited. And it gets you excited to take steps to make that a possibility.

2. You Don’t Necessarily Wait for the Weekend to Enjoy Life

We live in a culture where it almost seems normal to dread Mondays and every other day during the week except the weekend. It seems normal to look forward to the weekend to start enjoying your life. This should not be the case. It shouldn’t be that you don’t even enjoy half of the 7 days of the week. Life is too short to live like that.

When living your purpose and living in alignment with your authentic self, your life is meaningful, and you can live intentionally every day of your life. You don’t have the feeling that you need to wait for the weekend to enjoy your life. But you enjoy every day to the fullest.

3. When Living a Purposeful Life, Not Everything is About Money

When you do the things you do with an intention and see the value and purpose behind your actions, it doesn’t always have to be linked to money. You can decide to do certain things solely because it aligns with your purposeful life and with what you are meant to do without looking for a way to make money with it. And if it brings in money, it is a plus.

4. You Don’t Give up Easily but Have the Urge to Keep Working on Your Goals and Dreams

Living your life purpose doesn’t mean that everything will be easy and perfect all the time. But when you live purposefully, you have a reason behind what you do. You have a driving force and a motivation that keeps you going when things get tough.

So even when things get challenging, and you might feel like giving up, you just can’t, and you have a bigger drive to keep going for your goals and dreams compared to the urge to give up.

When you do things with an intention and live in alignment with your true self, you keep working on making that dream life a reality.

5. You Know You are Doing Something Meaningful

You feel and know that what you are doing has value, no matter your purpose. It is something meaningful that you contribute to making this world a better place.

You are the only one who knows what your purpose is. You alone can be sure that you are living your purpose, so you will feel the internal validation if you do so.

Wrap up

To live a purposeful life, you must first find your purpose. While it might be more than clear for others what their purpose is, it can also be slightly difficult for others, and that is okay. Some people might need more convincing or need more time. Or they need to go through a bit more to be sure of their purpose.

You need to know that no purpose is too small or unimportant. So if you sense that you have found yours, don’t invalidate it. But dig deep inside you and listen to yourself to know if that really is your purpose.

The first and crucial step to finding your purpose is to get to know yourself better. Finding out who your authentic self is, is essential in finding your purpose because you alone can unlock it.

Here are 53 questions to help you find out more about yourself. And here are 3 other self-discovery activities you can use to get to know yourself better.

I also have a self-discovery journal available. It has 100 questions to help you on your self-discovery journey.

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