Choosing the Best Bird Cage

Buyers’ Guide to Choosing the Best Bird Cage

The right cage for your pet bird is very important. It will not only keep them safe but ensure their comfort while in captivity. There are so many types of birdcage to choose from. If you are looking to buy for your pet(s), remember that it’s more than just the aesthetics. Read on to learn more about shopping for the best birdcage for your pet.

Types of Bird Cage

Start your search by understanding the natural habitat of the type of bird you have. More articles can be found at This list can help you find the best-preferred type of birdcage to purchase.

  • This birdcage is the most recommended for first-time bird owners.
  • Aviary/Outdoor Cage. This is best for small birds which gives them ample outdoor space to fly around.
  • Breeder Cage. This is the cage best for breeding small birds.
  • Floor Cage. This is the best cage for larger bird breeds with long tails.
  • Hanging Cage. A great space-saver, perfect for small bird pets.
  • Tabletop Cage. This birdcage rests on table surfaces and is best for medium-sized breeds.

New study says tropical birds are more colourful - The WeekConsider the Cage Size

You can find the right birdcage if you consider the size. Not sure what size cage you need? You can go for a cage that is bigger than you think your pet may need. Remember that birds are happier when they can fly around their living space. Look into different birdcage sizes to help you decide.

Choosing the Best Bird Cage

Shop by Bird Type

You can always look through the normal cage sizes that are best for certain types of birds. This is the next best option if you are not sure which cage to purchase. This way, you can be sure that the birds have enough room to grow.

  • Small Bird. This cage has bars that are less than ⅝” apart. This keeps the small birds safe.
  • Medium Bird. These birds need cages with bars that are ½” to ⅞” apart.
  • Large Bird. The spaces between the bars for larger birds also need to be bigger. Choose cages with bars that are ¾” or more between them.

Take into consideration these tips to help you find the right birdcage. Remember that the one you choose can greatly affect the health and safety of your pet. Learn more about birds, their habitat, and what makes them happy to fully understand what your pet needs.

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