One of the great ways to enjoy your life and live a life you love is by expressing gratitude. Journaling is an excellent way of expressing gratitude. You can do this by journaling freely or with the help of some journal prompts.

Okay, before I continue, I must say, it might be hard for some people to express gratitude in a year like 2020. There has been so much going on this year. And I get that you might be wondering what is there to be grateful for?

Why is showing gratitude important?

Here’s the thing, finding something or things that you are grateful for despite all the negativity that is going on around you can actually help you get through difficult moments. It can help you to keep your sanity and push through.

That’s the great thing about gratitude. Being grateful is a simple yet amazing way of creating positive energy around you. Showing gratitude can help you appreciate life and put you in a better mood. And I get that sometimes it’s just too hard to be all positive and grateful when you’re going through a difficult period in your life.

What I like to do in moments like that is to let out all my pain and frustration about the situation. Because this is also important and necessary if you want to express gratitude, express your feelings and thoughts, let it out. You can do it by talking to someone or writing it down.

When you have done this, try focusing on at least one or two things you are grateful for. By doing this, you are redirecting your focus from the things that bring you down, make you sad or frustrated towards the things that have a positive effect on your life.

I get that it might not always be easy, or maybe it won’t always be possible to come up with something, but do not give up, give yourself time.

As I mentioned earlier, you can show gratitude in many ways, and one of them is by writing in a gratitude journal.

What do you write in a gratitude journal?


A gratitude journal is a journal dedicated to the things you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter what that is. It can be a person, a pet, your job, etc. What’s important is that it is personal and that you write your true feelings.

Gratitude journal prompts can help to make writing in your gratitude journal a bit easier. Note that you do not have to do this in a guided gratitude journal.

You can also have a general journal that you use for everyday journaling and write in there what you are grateful for, simply by asking yourself: What am I grateful for today?

If you have a specific gratitude journal, that is great too, because this guides you on days when it is a bit more difficult to express gratitude. But also, a guided journal can motivate you to journal more frequently.

I have 17 gratitude journal prompts that you can use to express your gratitude a little bit easier. You can pick one each day or at the beginning of a new week or month. Or you can also just pick several for one day. Whatever suits you!

17 gratitude journal prompts

1. Someone in my life I am grateful for.
2. A lesson I learned today that I am grateful for.
3. A bad habit I learned to stop doing.
4. Something I have in my home that I am grateful for.
5. Something someone told me today that made me feel good.
6. A habit of mine that I am grateful for.
7 Something about my body that I am grateful for.
8. An opportunity that opened up.
9. Something that didn’t work out the way I thought was best.
10. A goal that I have accomplished.
11. A dream that has finally come true.
12. A new skill that I learned.
13. A food that I love.
14. Something I am privileged of having that others can’t access so easily.
15. Something that happened to me today that boosted my mood.
16. A purchase that I made today.
17. Something I got rid of that had a negative impact on my life.

And there you have it 17 gratitude journal prompts to help you appreciate life more and live a life you love.

I hope this post and these journal prompts can help you start or continue expressing more gratitude in life. If you are interested in more journal prompts, here are some other journal prompts I have written that you could use:

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Before you go, I also have a simple yet great free printable journal here for you. You can print the cover and the pages as many times as you want and start journaling how you feel best.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to share more journal prompts and thoughts about gratitude, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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