Have you ever reflected on your day and wondered how you could have done certain things better?

Or you just reflect on your life and you tell yourself that you really want to improve certain aspects of your life. Well, I have, and I still do.

I try to make practicing self-improvement a habit in my life.

But this quote I placed here is what I try to live by.

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday”

Matty Mullins

When I try to do something better or be a better person, I try not to compare myself with someone else and think ‘I wish I was like her or him’ but instead I try to focus on how I can improve myself to become the better version of me.

An important thing to know when working on self-improvement is that no one is perfect and that we shouldn’t strive to be perfect. Because well no one is or can be perfect, we are human.

And wanting to be perfect will place you in a never-ending and never satisfying journey of trying to be perfect which will only stress you out.

Instead of trying to be perfect, except the fact that you are imperfect and be proud of the fact that you’re trying to become a better version of you. This is a journey that can be great because you are not striving to be something impossible.

Instead, you are open to ways to improve as a person and whenever you learn something new or find another way to improve you will take that chance to become a better version of yourself.

In this blog, I’ll share with you some tips you can use for self-improvement to become a better version of you.


1. Practice self-love

Love the person you are. To grow and be better than who you were you need to know who you are and you need to love yourself enough to work on you as a person, not because you aren’t good enough but because you are awesome and you want to bring out your full potential.

Love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Wanting to improve yourself should not and does not mean that you aren’t good enough. What it should mean is that you love yourself a great amount that you want to allow yourself to grow.

To improve means to become better. So that being said, improving is making something that is already good, better. Love the way you are, know that you are amazing and apply self-improvement only to make that better.

2. Take time for self-care

To be a better person and to grow you need to take care of yourself. See yourself as a plant, a plant can’t grow into a beautiful strong tree without it being watered and getting the right nutrients.

The same goes for you, take care of yourself, take time to find out what your needs are. If you take care of yourself, you can enjoy life more, perform better, and be a better person.

If you never take care of yourself, and you’re constantly tired or stressed out it will be very hard to be a better version of you.

3. Be you, get to know yourself

Get to know the person you are and be true to that person. To practice self-improvement, you first need to know who you are.

As mentioned before, improving means becoming better at something, so you need to start somewhere. If you know who you are you can know on what aspects of life you need improvement.

By knowing yourself, you can love yourself more, and you can know better what self-care activities work for you.

4. Be honest

This is a simple but also an important step towards self-improvement. By being honest, people can rely on you and trust you for your word instead of constantly second-guessing everything you say.

If you say something, make sure you mean it and you’re not saying something, because people want to hear it.

If someone asks you to do something, to be honest, enough to say no, I won’t be able to do it, instead of saying yes and not showing up.

5. Forgive, don’t hold grudges

This might be a bit hard, for all of us. But the truth is, forgiving is something you do for you and not necessarily for the person you forgive. Holding grudges will only make you bitter and keep you from growing.

To improve as a person, you need to grow and a part of growing is letting go of pain and things that might hold you back.

Also, forgive yourself for things you might have done which you regret. Mistakes are things we should learn out of, not things that should hold us back in life.

If you’ve made a mistake see what you can learn from it and try to let go and forgive yourself.

This might not always be easy and sometimes you might need some help in this process.

In that case, go and talk to someone. You can talk to a friend or a family member who you trust. If that doesn’t help, think about seeking professional help.

Nowadays, you don’t even need to step out of the house to get that. You have several ways of getting help or therapy from the comfort of your own home such as online counseling.

6. Focus on the positive

Life is full of positive and negative things, people, situations, and vibes, and so on. To improve in life you need to train yourself to focus more on the positive things in life.

I say train because this might sometimes be hard, but constantly talking to yourself and training yourself to focus on the beautiful things in life will help you to look at life differently.

Focusing on positive things can help you become a more positive person which is an important part of self-improvement and becoming a better version of yourself.

Take time to appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life, like the nature around us, the birds you hear, the wind in your hair, and so on.

If something goes wrong, you can talk about it, but don’t dwell on it for too long, say what’s bothering you, and then move on from it.

7. Be there for others

I love this saying: ‘We rise by lifting others’ by Robert G. Ingersoll.

My friend placed it as a profile picture of our Whatsapp-group and it really spoke to me. This saying is not meant to be selfish, that you should help others just for you to grow.

I think that a big part of improving as a person is to focus on the needs of the ones around us.

By helping those in need of love, attention, and a shoulder to cry or some food and doing this not just because you want a favor in return. Be kind to others, you don’t know how much you can change someone’s day or even life just by smiling or saying a kind word.

We are social beings and we need each other.

8. Communicate effectively

Good communication skills are the skills we need in every aspect of our life. If you want to improve your life, learn to communicate effectively.

Practice self-improvement by learning how to express your feelings and thoughts clearly while being open enough to hear what others have to say.

In this way, you not only allow your voice to be heard, which is important, but you also allow yourself to learn from others. This is crucial in practicing self-improvement.

9. Keep educating yourself

Never stop educating yourself. A big part of improving is learning. Educating yourself does not have to mean you constantly enrolling in courses, but simply that you are open to learning from others and everything around you.

That you make time to learn something new. Even by reading this blog post, you are educating yourself on how to improve and become a better version of yourself. You can also read self-help books on self-improvement.

10. Be open for criticism

As unsettling or difficult it may be to hear, criticism can help you grow. By hearing from others about the things you’re doing wrong or can do better you can improve on specific aspects of life.

So be open for criticism, learn from it, and grow from mistakes.

11. Rest

Can you recall the amazing feeling of waking up from a good nap or good night rest? Well, it’s because it is so essential for us to function properly. Lack of sleep will only make you stressed, tired, and grumpy.

And let’s be honest, no one likes to be that person and that is far from being a better version of you. Take time to rest to recharge so you can enjoy life better.

12. Live a healthy lifestyle

Focus on every aspect of your life when doing this. Eat healthy food, the food you eat can have an impact on not only your physical health but also on your mental health.

Exercise regularly, exercise has so many great impacts on your health, mental, and physical. Take time to focus on your mental health, talk to someone if you’re feeling down, read uplifting books, or watch uplifting movies.

This is all part of living a healthy lifestyle.

I want to wrap it up with this golden rule:

Don’t do to others what you don’t what to be done to you.

Golden rule

I think that if we all try to live by this rule and start working on the way we treat people, knowing how we would like to be treated, we can make this world a better place, one better person at the time.

I would love to hear your self-improvement tips on becoming a better version of yourself in the comments.

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