Hi there!

I am Lucille from Anastasia’s words and I am a lifestyle blogger.

Welcome to my website!

Before you continue I would like to tell you a little backstory of this blog. I started this blog because I wanted to follow my passion and start to live a life I am passionate about.

But it took me a while before I got here. For a long time, I felt a bit lost and wondered what I had to offer to this world. I didn’t really know myself and didn’t know what my passion was.

After some talking sessions with a pastor and friend, she encouraged me to get to know myself and find out what I really love to do.

I took this advice to heart and after digging I finally found out that I have a big passion for being creative in several ways but especially being creative with words. I found out that this is what I had to offer and this is what I wanted to do.

So I started this blog as a big step on my journey to create a life I am passionate about and help others to do the same because that is one other important thing I love doing. Helping people get through tough times and live a life they love.

This blog is to help everyone out there looking for tips to improve their lives and live a life they are passionate about.

I also offer Pinterest VA services to help other entrepreneurs grow their own blogs through Pinterest. I enjoy helping other bloggers and entrepreneurs grow their traffic so that they can focus on the other aspects of their online business.
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xoxo Lucille